Photography, has arrived from many years ago from that day till now people are having cameras to capture best moments of life, It does not matter how advanced camera system you have the main part of the camera is lens. So, we should take care of lens by protecting it from camera lens protector. yes, its very important to protect the lens of camera for better pictures. Now we will go in deep into camera lens protector is good or bad?

Camera Lens Protector is Good or Bad: A Worthwhile Investment or Unnecessary Gimmick

Yes, here lens protector is good to use because photography significantly growing over the years and advanced camera system is also increased in heights. Lens is a very sensitive place of camera because if thin scratch occurred on lens it effects directly on image quality so by this we conclude that camera lens protector is good to use for more information please read full article.

1.The Importance of Camera Lenses Protector

Camera lens is a presized engineering component which takes more light into that to give a best output of captivating images.even a small, thin layer of a scratch or imperfection occurring on the lens means this can lead to destroying a whole image. Main component of a camera is a lens without the lens. A camera is useless; this is why camera lens protectors come into play.

2.Understanding Camera Lens Protectors

Camera lens protectors come with a circular shape of a glass of different sizes to cover the front element of the lens called mobile camera lens and digital slr’s camera lens protectors. Two lens protector sizes are different. They come with different types of coating,filters and effects of glasses even with water resistant proof so that it can reppeles water on the front layer of glass in the monsoon season. It totally depends on you how much amount you are spending to buy lens protectors ensuring the lens itself remains unscathed.

3. Benefits of Using Camera Lens Protectors

Lens protectors preserve the front glass of the lens from tiny dust particles and scratches by using protective filters. By this there will be no risk of damage to the camera lens. Here there are 4 benefits of camera lens protectors which are mentioned below 

  1. Enhanced Durability
  2. Protection Against Scratches
  3. Defense Against Dust
  4. Safeguarding Against Accidental Impact

3.1. Enhanced Durability

Lens protector will add on extra durability to the camera lens by which it can protect from minor dust particles and scratches would occur by which it can withstand minor impacts and prevent the lens from coming dirt impacts to the surface.

3.1. Protection Against Scratches

Everytime when you are not using a camera it’s safe to keep the camera device down. There is a high risk of scratches that can happen to the device due to small particles which are on the surface that can make lens protectors serve as a sacrificial layer so that it can take scratches on the surface here, expensive lenses can be protected.

3.3. Defense Against Dust

Shooting outdoors means exposing the lens to dust,sand and small particles . While shooting photos or videos this can affect the final output of quality of picture this will not maintain the proper image clarity. Here lens protectors come on the way to solve everything.

3.4. Safeguarding Against Accidental Impact

In environments or tight spaces accidental damages can happen. Here, lens protector will act as protection shield to the lens so that it does not damage anymore.

4. Drawbacks of Camera Lens Protectors

In the world of photography. Camera lens protectors have gained more popularity to shield lenses from potential harm. These lenses offer a defence layer of scratches,smudges etc so that expensive lenses should be safe. Camera lens protector have a own set of drawbacks it depends on you, how much you would invest on that accessory. here are two drawbacks of camera lens protectors.

1.Potential Image Quality Compromise

2.Installation Hassles

4.1. Potential Image Quality Compromise

An argue that an additional layer of glass which would protect lens from damages this extra layer of glass could decrease quality of image. This is due to the quality of protector which you have invested to protect lens this affects a lot so while buying see quality and features of lens protectors 

4.2. Installation Hassles

Some of the lens protectors are tricky to install on the lens . It’s because of small dust particles which are on environment moving particles where bubbles could happen while installing protectors on lens. This can be a frustrating experience while installing. Here the best way to install a protector is to install from an experienced person like a shopkeeper he has a lot of experience with.

5. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lens Protector

Now factors to choose lens protector is it depends on you how much you can spend high amount in lens protector to save your expensive lens here are some factors to be consider while choosing lens protector 

1.Material and Build Quality

2.Thickness and Transparency

3. Coverage and Fit

5.1 Material and Build Quality

It’s very important to know which quality of material is used in lens protectors so that it proves quality,strength and durability. Some expensive protectors are used with high quality tempered glass which is perfect for lenses to take better quality images that do not compromise with quality of images.

5.2 Thickness and Transparency

These two are important factors to consider when choosing a protective accessory for your lens. Protectors come in various thicknesses that would measure only in mm(millimetres). Thick protectors can save from scratches,smudges and all but you would have to make a compromise to quality of image. Transparency refers to how much light would pass from it to make better quality of images. So choose only “crystal clear” and  “optically transparent” for minimal effect quality on image.

5.3 Coverage and Fit

The coverage of a lens protector refers to the area covered by a lens . A good lens protector would cover the whole lens by remaining glass which would damage a whole lens . A good protector should extend edges so that it covers.

A perfect protector would fit the lens in the proper way by covering the entire camera lens so that no gaps are left out. It should align with lens shape and size protector should fit in such a way that functionality of camera lens would work properly such as zooming and focusing.

6.Do Professionals Recommend Lens Protectors

   Yes, many professionals would recommend lens protectors because this is a most valuable accessory on camera lenses they would recommend in the photography and videography industry. This saves lens from scratches and smudges we cannot compromise on quality of image.

7. Alternatives to Lens Protectors

Here are two main alternatives of lens protectors those are:

7.1 Lens Hoods

Lens hoods are essential accessory for camera lens because these would help take better quality of image by stopping unwanted glare,flare unwanted light to pass through lens by this image quality would increase by contrast enhancement,glare,flare prevention

7.2 UV Filters

Uv filters are a best camera accessory mostly used by photographers and videographers to enhance both quality and protection benefits of lenses. There are different types of uv filters available. It depends on the person how much money they are spending and quality is expected from the camera.


Here is conclusion that A Worthwhile Investment or unnecessary gimmick, it totally depends on how you are if you are a photographer its a best investment because photographer used to take photos from different situations like photographer style, environment and personal preferences  by this lens would damage by scratches,smudges etc by this all we conclude camera lens protector is worthwhile investment.

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